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♥ Focus on Your Life Mission ♥

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Admittedly, at this age of social media madness, it has become difficult to focus. Focus on the people who are with us at the present, focus on today, the present moment and focus on improving ourselves. Just a week ago, I lost focus in my life just by browsing my FB newsfeed. I was overwhelmed by the antique and vintage jewelry which I would like to collect and/or make a business of someday. I got envious of my friend’s European trip. Something that has been pinned on my dream board for several years. If you’d ask me what my biggest regret in life is, it would be not traveling abroad, especially Europe back in the day when I was still childless. I had the time, money and energy then. I don’t know why in the world did I hold on to my money and let go one of my grandest dreams. If I traveled then, I’m pretty sure that by now I have already earned what I spent and I’m still financially okay. The last straw that made me lose focus is another friend’s post about her career advancements. Career? What is that? I don’t have one! Pabili nga! I was disappointed at myself and I felt some pressure too. Now, my friends, that’s what I call spirit distractions. They steal our happiness and make us lose our focus on our missions. The only way to get out of this misery is to browse my feed some more and subconsciously wished for someone to post his/her misfortune greater than mine. How wicked is that, right?

No, I did not scroll further, instead, I closed my FB and opened my devotionals. Thank God, for Your Words save us until this day, every day. Reading God’s words is like blowing off the clouds that covered my heart and mind. Suddenly, I got my focus back on my God-given mission in life. You know, as much as I want to travel, advance my career and pursue my other interests when I think about my blessings from God which is mainly my family and the provisions He generously gives us, I feel genuine gladness in my heart and peace of mind. No kidding! I am filled with contentment like I have everything I need and that it’s already perfect as it is and yet it could still get better each day.

Undoubtedly, I have three core missions in life and as long as I am fulfilling them, I know I’m good.

It’s my mission to raise Godly children in a Godly family. This is tough, I admit, especially that I myself is still trying to know God. But, maybe, just maybe, God thinks that I know Him better than I thought, that’s why He has entrusted me with three little children. Feeling ko ang laki ng tiwala nya sa akin. Or, maybe it’s His way of getting closer to me. I’m trying to raise my kids the best I could together with my husband and our families. Still, I do notice a lot of wrongs and insufficiencies. For now, we are trying to instill in their young minds the importance and value of daily prayers and Sunday worship.

It’s my mission to share my blessings. I am grateful that God never fails to provide us with what we need. That is despite me prioritizing my wants over sharing. Selfishness, greed, consumerism, and naysayers block my sharing and caring mojo most of the time. But, I’m resolved that I am here and I’ve been blessed beyond belief only to bless other people too, to bring back the glory to God.

It’s my mission to be happy. The world is already filled with so much pain, sadness, grief, hatred, and misery. I don’t want to add my soul anymore. I’m still hoping that my little bliss would radiate to others and altogether, our blissful hearts would overflow and fill the earth instead, replacing all the negative energies. I owe it to the world and I owe it to God to be happy in this temporary life to live the goodness of the Lord.

I’m adding another mission and that is to retire abundantly at forty (40)! And, I’m saying that with utmost commitment and finality. I am so excited to be #at40! But, my journey #inmy30s do not have to be boring and be taken for granted. This is my building stage. And, someday I’ll be enjoying the fruits of my 30s. I’ll kiss Paris by then.

If you’re feeling down and a bit blue, stop and walk away even temporarily from what’s causing your misery. Turn to God and His everlasting promises. It’s the only way to be enlightened and uplifted. We need the grace of God to stay focus on our life missions amidst all lurking spirit distractions. What do you believe are your missions in life? How are you fulfilling them? Share your thoughts.


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