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♥ Hypertension After The Third Pregnancy ♥

After giving birth for the third time, I began having frequent headaches and dizziness. So, I borrowed my parents’ wrist watch blood pressure and voila! 145/100 I am officially hypertensive. Okay, not so quick. The next workday, I consulted our occupational doctor. According to the good doctor, being hypertensive is common after the third pregnancy and not only that, my breastfeeding activity may be the culprit as it dehydrates me and makes my blood thicker (malapot) than usual. However, he is hesitant to give me medicines especially for maintenance partly because of me still breastfeeding. Instead, he ordered me to drink more water. I also asked if it has anything to do with my heavier weight. Thankfully, he said he highly doubts since I was surely heavier when I was pregnant and I did not suffer from hypertension.

The increased water intake works like a magic until I ate sisig and fried calamares! Now, I’m cutting my intake of sodium-rich (salty) and oily, fatty dishes and some seafood which could trigger my hypertension. Like what my husband said, I’m not getting younger. I’m already thirty-two (32) and so I should be mindful of my food. Aside from watching what I eat since “we are what we eat”, I also try to manage if not eliminate stress in my life. I firmly believe that stress leads to more serious illnesses. There are so many ways to manage stress and I admit that no matter how many those ways are, it is still an everyday battle. You should consciously and constantly overcome it. Then, exercise. Ever since we got a car, I no longer walk/stand that much waiting/lining up for trains. I no longer use the stairs. I no longer sweat. It makes me feel bloated especially that I sit most of the day in front of my desktop while binging on junk foods or chocolates. Does it sound unhealthy to you? Well, I think it is indeed unhealthy. A change of lifestyle is what I should commit to. And, I’m starting off with the food especially snacks that I eat.

I will not try to lecture you about what food you should avoid if you are hypertensive like me, instead, here’s what I currently enjoy for healthier snack options. I never thought they taste sooo good and yummy! #TummyBliss indeed!

My Honestbee haul!
Fresh fruits and vgetables are also available in HonestBee but I did not buy these from them.
Nestle yogurt with Nestle granola, perfect! Thanks, Nestle!

Thank you to online grocery shopping portals such as honestbee, my favorite office snacks, and pantry essentials are now within reach. I can shop while stuck in traffic! No idle time! Perfect for working mamas. I’ve been searching for this kind of service for quite some time now but others’ fees are too much for me. With HonestBee, the fee is very minimal and affordable. I will tell you more about buying food and supplies with your fingertips next time. Yes, if there is anything I do best aside from financial statements, that would be buying online, whether for clothes, stocks, jewelry, novelties or food.

Back to my health concern, I really hope that this is just a temporary phase brought by dehydration and heavier weight and that drinking more water, healthy and controlled eating along with proper exercise can solve this. Oh, wait! That sounds too much already, harder than it sounds, really. But, moms gotta do what she’s gotta do! Cheer me on, guys!

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