Good News Mommies! DepEd Gives Transitional Period for the Imposed Cut-off Age for Kinder and Grade One for the Next Two School Years

No matter how busy I just cannot let April pass without a blog post. That is how much I love writing or blogging, in this case. There were just too many pressing situations I badly needed to attend to in March and April, hence my involuntary hiatus. I was neck-deep with year-end book closing, audit and tax season, event organized by my mother org, leadership transitions, and of course, the most important of them all, my bunso, baby V’s first birthday. When April finally folds in eight days, normalcy shall be restored in my life and in this blog.

My busy life not only gave me stress and a couple of wrinkles, it was also a blessing in disguise as I was forced to stop worrying about Jonath’s schooling. Before I went nuts with work, I was so agitated and angered by DepEd’s strict implementation of cut-off age/birthdates in accepting incoming grade one student without any transitory provisions. I was this close to blaming my husband for not enrolling Jonath in big school last school year. I believed he’d have more chance to be accepted if he spent his Kindergarten in the same school where he’ll be enrolling for grade one. Then, I was this close too to pressuring his former school and teachers. Lastly, I knew I was this close to making a scene in DepEd if they fail to give me a satisfactory answer regarding PEP/Special exams once I file for a leave from work and go there.

My busy work life took ALL my attention and energy away from DepEd concerns and therefore saved me from further stress, anger, and possible embarrassment. Haha. When the dust has settled, finally, DepEd has come to its senses and released a new Order (DepEd Order 20 series of 2018, dated 19 April 2018) addressing the concerns of many affected parents like me. It has the transitory provisions I was looking for! Finally, my Jonath is now an incoming grade one student.

I cannot download the DepEd order nor I can click the link, maybe there’s just too many visitors now, so, here’s the screenshot of what I’ve read online.




Shoutout to the parents and lawyers who pushed for the TRO. That particular TRO may not have been carried out due to the lack of posted bond imposed by the Court but it sure does get the attention and message to DepEd.

This new DepEd Order has eased my worries as a parent. The transitional periods are just, fair and proper. Next week, we’ll be gearing up for the incoming school year na, as I’m now sure that Jonath would be a grade-schooler already. Waah! May grade-schooler na ‘ko! 🙂

*Images saved from 21st Century Teacher Facebook page

2 thoughts on “Good News Mommies! DepEd Gives Transitional Period for the Imposed Cut-off Age for Kinder and Grade One for the Next Two School Years

  1. Good day…sis We have the same problem to you but here in our division my son will not be nrolled in grade one because of the issue,not having an LRN number


    1. Oh. Sad to hear that. In our case, si new school na naglakad ng LRN no. ng son ko. But they asked me and his old school to submit an evaluation. Forms downloadable sa DepEd site.


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