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♥ Leftover Makeover ♥


Like most homemakers, I treasure the time I spend in our kitchen, whether I’m merely cleaning the countertops or I’m cooking a delicious dish. I love baking too! Back in my singlehood, I did a lot of baking. I still tried to bake when I had my firstborn but when I had my second child, I lost the entire mojo and never really got it back since then. Now that I have two kids going to school in the morning and our youngest can play in her crib, I find pockets of kitchen breaks every now and then.

Last New Year, I prepared all our handa. We had buttered shrimps, champorado, spaghetti and sinigang na tuna belly. But, do you know what I really like to do in the kitchen? Weekend breakfast – sinangag, sardines, bacon, eggs, and hotdog! And, you know what else I do? I reinvent weekdays’ leftovers!

Nanghihinayang kasi ako magtapon ng pagkain, especially when they are not yet spoiled. For the past decade (naks!), I try to bring to the office any food leftovers and I’ll eat it for lunch. Okay na’ko doon. So, when I have an extra time (which is rare nowadays) I reinvent our leftovers or I use them as pansahog to a new dish. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite leftover makeover tips and hacks!

1. Turn yesterday’s giniling into a giniling omelet. Really simple, fry the giniling until it’s almost dry but be careful not to burn it, then add eggs. Taste with table salt.

2. Make a shawarma rice. I learned of shawarma rice in our local canteen. And, I did my version using: leftover rice, leftover bopis, leftover chicken nuggets, barbeque sauce, mixed vegetables, and egg. Ang sarap! I liked it! Although, I know that some people aren’t really into mixing food elements. Ako kasi, I love Paella!

3. Fried pork can be part of stir-fried vegetables.

4. Saucy dishes like pinoy bistek or adobo can be fried and dried, kebab style. Stick them up together with pineapple chunks and bell peppers.

5. Chicken in tinola can be fried too! Serve with ketchup with mayo or with gravy and mashed potato.

6. Dishes like sinigang and nilaga even without meat already can be served as a soup. Sobrang malasa pa!

7. Yangchow rice! We all know how to do that, I’m sure.

8. Stuffed sandwich, anyone? I love making this with salsa dishes like pork menudo.

9. If unsure what to do, you can simply reheat dishes or use the microwave in medium level for ten seconds (repeat three to four times).

10. Or, if you want to be more inventive, throw in a pot what you think would work/taste good together.

It is now obvious why I love kitchens, right? It’s a place where we can freely imagine and turn those imaginations into reality – food. It’s an outlet for one’s creativity. It’s where our senses are stimulated simultaneously – the aroma, the textures, the popping sounds, the burst of colors. It’s where you can practice or apply being money wise too! Lastly, I find gladness, fulfillment, and pride in making my own or my family’s food.

Heart Chiffon Cake
Baking Days
shawarma rice
My version of Shawarma Rice
Yang Chow
My version of YangChow Fried Rice with Sardines in Tomato Sauce Toppings

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