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Young Love Kilig Over Netflix’ The Kissing Booth

Are we moms and wifeys allowed to get kilig that doesn’t involve our partners? 😊 Okay, before you think of anything outrageous about me and in case the hubby lands on this post, I’m not referring to any guy I know. I got so kilig with this film on Netflix I happened to watch a couple of weeks ago. I’ve watched it about ten times since the first. Just so you know, Titanic is the only film I’ve watched countlessly. The film I’m talking about, The Kissing Booth, comes in maybe fifth or sixth place, basta top ten in most watched (behind Pretty Woman, The Godfather and Jerry Maguire)!

I’m usually late for anything trendy. I guess I need training on trendspotting. But, not with this film. I just caught it just right on its peak. The Kissing Booth is one of the most watched and talked-about films on Netflix. And, the film propelled the careers and social media presence and influence of the main actors. As in from a few thousand to more than five million Instagram followers! And, dig this, the main actors turned their romance into real life. Naalala ko tuloy bigla ang Twilight mania. But, Twilight is a more serious film. The Kissing Booth is a romantic-comedy and is streamed through Netflix.

The Kissing Booth is about a teenage girl, Elle, who falls in love with her bestfriend’s (Lee) brother (Noah). Lee is responsible for friendship rule no. 9  which states that relatives of your bestfriend are totally off-limits. As a fundraiser, the two came up with a kissing booth. Elle ended up kissing Noah who was already secretly admiring her. Their kiss on the booth made them fall for each other but was complicated due to the rule set by Lee and his estranged relationship with his brother.

It is a classic light teenage western movie adapted from a book which originated from Wattpad, making The Kissing Booth the ultimate film in the social media. To be honest, when I first watched it, I didn’t like it. There are so many goofs. There are cringe-worthy scenes. There are lines and moments which when you think about critically, won’t pass logic. But, I realized that it is sometimes enjoyable too to just watch young people fall in love. Masarap din nga pala manood lang ng light romantic movies. Oh, young love! It need not always be as tearjerker as The Notebook or as heavy as Revolutionary Road. So, I watched it again. And, again, and again. I enjoyed it! The soundtrack is a plus, too! It kind of puts me in good mood.

Elle and Noah’s love story makes me so kilig. I am also crushing on the character of Noah and the actor who portrayed it, Australian hunk, Jacob Elordi who is so handsome and hot! Joey King, the actress who portrayed Elle in the film has been acting since she was four years old. She too is adorable and very talented, I must say. You may recall her in big movies such as The Conjuring and White House Down. And as I mentioned, they are an adorable couple in real life! I think I’m gonna stalk their relationship!

Do you need a little pump of young blood? Watch The Kissing Booth now on Netflix! Hay, Netflix, I’m having less sleep because of you but I have to admit too, that you somehow reminds me of who I used to be – a film-junkie! Promise, if you won’t be too critical and if you for an hour and a half stop over-analyzing, you’ll love and get kilig with this film!

That reminds me that I now want to read the published book. Yes, it’s now published! And, I’m hearing of a sequel. I’m excited but I’m a little worried about the “close” friendship of Elle and Lee, then Noah is off to college! Ha! I’m officially a fan. By the way, Beth Reekles is the seventeen-year-old author of The Kissing Booth.

Image from IMDB / Trailer from YouTube




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