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♥ Selling Pre-loved Stuff Online? ♥

During my sixty-day maternity leave, I decided to organize and purge my excess stuff as much as I could while nursing my CS wound. However, my CS wound did not allow me to lift heavy things, reach up to the cabinets and dig into my closets so I settled into organizing and purging those within…… Continue reading ♥ Selling Pre-loved Stuff Online? ♥

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♥ Goodbye Gift Gate, Thank You for the Lessons ♥

​If you are active in social media, you must have read/heard already about Gift Gate’s closure in the Philippines. Gift Gate, the gift shop of my generation (GEN-X) is bidding us farewell. I was an avid fan of Hello Kitty (which was pretty much the star of Gift Gate) and Big Panda Bears. And, although I…… Continue reading ♥ Goodbye Gift Gate, Thank You for the Lessons ♥

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♥ How much did you spend on your wedding? ♥

The past days my social media newsfeed has been flooded with wedding photos of friends and colleagues. I was invited in two actually but they fell on my birthday weekend so I had to send my regrets. This weekend my husband would for the first time be a principal sponsor in a wedding and I…… Continue reading ♥ How much did you spend on your wedding? ♥

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♥ First Day of School Jitters (Jonath) ♥

Yesterday, I was a bit shocked by the separation anxiety me and my son experienced as he went to school for the first time. It was overwhelming, considering that I leave him every day to work. I guess it’s a mistake not really preparing him for his first day of school. He shuns the idea…… Continue reading ♥ First Day of School Jitters (Jonath) ♥


♥ The #CourageousCaitie Effect: Jesus Loves Us The Most ♥

When I first encountered the FB Page Courageous Caitie, I deliberately avoided it because ever since I became a mom, I suddenly developed an emotional incapacity to process and accept stories of children suffering from diseases, cruelties, and poverty. I intentionally avoided investigative documentaries featuring child labor, trafficking, and poverty and social media accounts of…… Continue reading ♥ The #CourageousCaitie Effect: Jesus Loves Us The Most ♥

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♥ How to Be Happy? ♥

  Experience over material possessions, what is your take on that, my friends? Yes, you are all my virtual friends! Why the question? Well, I think that that attitude or mentality is the new brewing trend nowadays, an excellent one, if I may add. Aside from the articles I will share with you below, I’d…… Continue reading ♥ How to Be Happy? ♥


PUP: From Military Tenement to Employers’ Top Choice!

It’s been a couple of days already since this topic trended and was even featured in the primetime news in TV:   http://www.jobstreet.com.ph/career-resources/pup-tops-employers-choice-survey#.VuubOeJ96Uk . Said news has also circulated in every top newspaper in the Philippines and has been posted and re-posted several times in the social media. But, did you know that PUP was…… Continue reading PUP: From Military Tenement to Employers’ Top Choice!


♥ #LentReflection2016: Understanding My Father ♥

from an FB postLent has begun last Ash Wednesday, February 10 for the Catholic faithful. That means I’m two weeks behind my lenten reflection series for this year. For my first reflection, I’ll share something more personal than usual only because I believe with all my heart that it can give lesson and comfort to…… Continue reading ♥ #LentReflection2016: Understanding My Father ♥


♥ An Honorary Post to the Cats I Loved ♥

Hello, everyone! Do you know that I used to be a cat-lover? Well, until now I love them, it’s just that sadly, I know I cannot be a responsible cat-mommy at the moment, so we don’t have any in the house.When I was young, probably grade 3-6 young, I used to take care of a…… Continue reading ♥ An Honorary Post to the Cats I Loved ♥


♥ Freelance Ghostwriting: The Sample Essay ♥

Below is one of my sample essays back from my ghostwriting days, wherein in 24 hours, I have to come up with a 500-word article about a topic they will give me. This one is about Facebook Page Management, something I was clueless about. Haha More about my freelance ghostwriting experience on my next post! In…… Continue reading ♥ Freelance Ghostwriting: The Sample Essay ♥